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Beta Endorphins- The Body's Natural Pain Killer and Anti Depressant

Beta endorphins are opioid peptides made within the body and represent the body’s innate pain-relieving system.

Made within the pituitary gland, this endogenous opiate is much stronger than morphine by as much as 33% making them the strongest pain killer on the planet.

To start, let me explain what endogenous opiates are. An endogenous opiate is a certain type of molecule referred to as a neuropeptide. Made within the pituitary gland within the brain, beta endorphins play on opioid receptors that are located throughout the body. This makes them highly effective at reducing pain because they are not specific to regions or parameters within the body’s many delicate systems. These special endogenous opiates make up the innate pain response. What this means is the response is entirely generated by internal bodily processes that require no external influencing factors to activate. What this essentially means is the body is the strongest pain-relieving mechanism known to man.

Beta endorphins are both a neurotransmitter and neuromodulator, meaning they can regulate and boost mood. These chemical messengers are especially interesting because they act on the body’s reward systems including sex, and maternal bonding among others which are discussed in the following paragraph. Beta endorphins also appear to be activated by certain immune cells and they play a role on homeostatic factors, helping the body systems stay in balance.

Beta endorphins can also boost feelings of pleasure and euphoria. Think sex. Exercise, sex, and alcohol are likely the most utilized methods that people use to increase endogenous opiates. This pleasure and reward system can lead to dependency that can result in addictive behaviors if these methods become habits.

There are many ways to boost beta endorphins. Some examples of ways to boost these neuropeptides are through food, exercise, meditation, and yoga, acupuncture, essential oils (contain some of the highest energy frequencies on earth), sex, and alcohol such as wine, as well as dark chocolate. Engaging in laughter and connecting with friends or like minded individuals, sunshine, and playing or listening to music can also boost beta endorphins. They can also be activated by stress, trauma and pain centers as well as through positive experiences such as physical exercise and connecting with others.

Beta Endorphins are not only the body’s natural pain killer, but they are also responsible for boosting immunity as well as feelings of euphoria, happiness, and wellbeing.


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