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The Ancestral Puebloans of Mesa Verde on Food, Culture, Architecture, and Presence

Nutrition For the Spirit-

Last weekend I found myself in Mesa Verde exploring the Ancestral Pueblo People's relics with my fiancé, Joe. It may be one of the most beautiful places I have ever been on earth.

There was something paradoxical about being somewhere that once upon a time birthed a culture considered to be genius by some based solely on their architecture. Contradictory in the sense that the desert can seem rich and empty of resources simultaneously, and the Puebloans sustained life here for 1,000 years. And why did they build homes in cliff dwellings only to disappear with their relics as evidence of their existence and no written language to speak of?

The Puebloans were a fascinating culture for many reasons ranging from their profound understanding of plant proteins to their architectural designs, spiritual beliefs, and intended lack of written language. In fact, it was forbidden to transfer language to script.

They were formerly referred to as the Anasazi, meaning "ancient enemy" or "ancient ones" in Navajo. They worshiped Kachinas or spirits. The Ancestral Pueblo people's also practiced presence and being in the now. Another fascinating fact about this culture is how they integrated sacred geometry into their architectural designs. And even still, they established pueblos in cliff dwellings and cultivated the mesa through farming methods. The people grew corn, beans, and squash. When combined, these nutrients make a complete protein replete with vitamins and minerals and are exclusively plant-based.

What intrigues me most of all is the designs and locations of their establishments. Based on an article from 2017 published by Science Daily, the ancestral Puebloans used sacred geometry to create their infrastructures, which could house as many as 1,200 people.

What is sacred geometry, you might be wondering?

Sacred geometry is an ancient science division and is considered the blueprint to all life forms on earth. The fact that the pueblo people could integrate these geometric systems, such as the golden ratio, into their architecture without ever writing anything down is incredible to me.

Spending time in Mesa Verde helped me realize that all the mysteries of life really do lie at the genesis of things. Maybe the answers are right there in front of us, but we are not ready to see them yet. The truth could be something as simple as stepping into presence and being right there with life. To me, that is where truth lives.

Touching the warm stones and stepping along dusty white sand and sagebrush took me back in time to a simpler perspective and way of life. One that was sacred, natural, timeless, and intelligent, and one that is rooted in golden ratios and whole food groups.


Arizona State University. (2017, January 25). Advanced geometry no secret to prehistoric architects in US Southwest. ScienceDaily. Retrieved May 26, 2021 from

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